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Welcome to Proficient Associates

Proficient Associates is the consultancy firm in Mumbai (India) engaged in the field of administration of labour laws and maintenance of statutory records under the various labour law enactments.

The firm has dynamic and professional Associates who are specialized in the administration of labour laws and are well conversant with various labour laws.

Labour law is a very wide subject and with rapid economic and industrial development in India, their understanding has become essential for every employer as their ignorance may be quite costlier and at time punishable with imprisonment besides heavy penalties.

Labour Law is not a legislation, but it is a cluster of legislations enacted and amended by the government from time to time, covering the gamut of issues relating to labour and its employment.

A developed and dedicated workforce is a pre-requisite for the success of any organisation. For this reason, a number of obligations have been imposed upon the employer, non- compliance of which entails penalty and also prosecution. Ignorance of law is no excuse. It is, therefore, essential for everyone whether he be the owner, employer, manager, supervisor or even employee of any organisation, to keep himself abreast of his rights and obligations under the Labour Laws.

It is generally understood, rather misunderstood, that labour laws are meant for large sized establishment only, having a large working force. Undoubtedly, labour is a dominant factor of production in all kinds of organisations and,therefore, legislations have been made for all types of labour employed in different types of establishment - business, industrial, commercial, organised, unorganised, etc. So much so that establishment employing a single employee also come under the purview of labour laws.

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